Good Day Fellow People of Interest

Eventually I have come to the realisation that I should bring more effort along with a distinctive amount of time added to my writing. And best of all, why should I not share it to the various lurkers of the internet with curious and compelling minds?

My journey to writing articles of notability may take its time in due course, but I am here solely for the enjoyment and development of my abilities in creative writing and to share a few thoughts and tales of the highs and lows in life. Some fictional and some concerning rational thoughts, or irrational as some might say. 🙂

If you do wish to debate issues relating to pretty much anything, I do enjoy a good conversation as I am a favourable listener. As always, the best conversations are had over a cup of strong coffee or alternatively English breakfast tea, though I am pleased at any beverage brought to the table.

I do not wish to derive from my simple message of my first post so let it be said that if you are a person of intellectual, conspiratorial or analytical thinking or if you are just a dreamer, then I  invite you to take delight in the many tales that I shall be creating and sharing on this blog.

-James Huxham