Good day people of the internet. I say this with utmost content as my meager blogging website (which you are now reading this article on) has acquired more reads and views than I had initially hoped for. I understand that this may not be much of a big deal to you fellow bloggers, but I hope that this may just signify the start of me being able to share my ideas and stories with all of you.

After that lengthy introduction, I hope that none of you are yet completely bored as I have been pondering of a few ideas concerning what interests the many people of this world to follow the same trends of their peers, parents, grandparents and just about everyone we are surrounded by. I often makes one wonder if what everything one may believe, the ideas that they hold and the attitude that they have towards life is more contributed by those around us then we think. As many successful people will tell you the cliche phrases, “Surround yourself with the right people” and “You become the people like the people you surround yourself with”. The first step I believe is to take control of your life and not let it linger in the shadows of those around you.

I spend a lot of my time alone intentionally, I feel comfortable that way. This doesn’t sound like a great deal of fun to most, but it works for me. I tend to be more creative and open minded when I spend a deal of time alone, especially when I am surrounded by the natural environment. Perhaps we are all more capable of accomplishing or doing whatever we want when we are alone (to an extent), if inanimate objects such as the television or your cellphone distract you then surely people in your life may be distracting you from reaching your ultimate cause in life.

I urge you all to take some time off and spend some time alone, don’t discard your friends, be there for them, but take the time to think of what your greater cause in life is and what you are destined to do.



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